Why Do Consultants Choose to Work with a Marketing Coach?

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The internet is full of free marketing advice, so why do some consultants choose to work with a marketing coach?

The Marketing Matrix | Marketing CoachFirst of all, what even is a Marketing Coach?!

Marketing coaches are professionals who have enjoyed great success marketing their own business and / or who are highly trained and experienced in helping their clients promote their businesses and have now chosen to help others.

As marketing is such a massive subject, marketing coaches tend to specialise in certain areas.  They either choose a particular platform to become an expert in, such as Facebook, Instagram, Google ads or LinkedIn, or they specialise in marketing for a specific sector such as recruitment, professional services or B2B consultancy marketing.

They will usually have a clearly set out coaching framework, curriculum or method that helps their clients achieve a specific objective, for example winning leads on LinkedIn or by using paid ads on Facebook.

Marketing coaches might also choose to specialise in strategy and planning or perhaps mindset to help their clients achieve their objectives.

For example we specialise in helping professionals create and grow B2B consultancy businesses only.

We don’t help retailers, eCommerce or consumer businesses as our interests, knowledge and experience do not cover those areas of business.

What are the benefits of working with a Marketing Coach?

While free advice is great, it’s often generic and either very basic or highly technical.  It can also date quickly if it’s not maintained.  A marketing coach usually works with clients either 1:1 or in a group setting and understands the specific level of understanding their clients have and their personal marketing objectives.

Working this way means their coaching programme can be more closely tailored to their client’s needs.

They will usually provide coaching and mentoring either online or in-person so that their clients feel personally supported, but there will usually be a digital vault of resources that their clients can work through at their own pace.

This personal care and attention means that their clients can progress faster than they will using free resources and the built-in accountability that comes with marketing coaching programmes helps clients stay on track so they can complete the work and enjoy the benefits of applying their skills consistently and win profitable work as a result.

How does marketing coaching work?

Some marketing coaches offer online programmes with group coaching delivered by Zoom.  Others coach their clients on a 1:1 basis only and they may also manage certain elements of the marketing programme for their clients.

We take a hybrid approach to marketing coaching.  We offer a group programme which includes monthly group meetings, a monthly 1:1 call and a printed marketing manual to refer to and work through.  We also offer a 1:1 programme that includes an in-person meeting once a month and weekly calls as well as the benefits of the group programme.

For clients who don’t have much time, we can also build their Marketing Ecosystem – a standout brand, website and beautifully designed marketing collateral that sets them up as a premium consultant.  The key is to find a marketing coach who suits you and your business and has the same values as you do.

Which type of marketing coaching should you invest in?

If you are an experienced marketer with a clear marketing strategy and who has already experienced the benefits of committing to a targeted and effective marketing plan, then your next step will to be invest in platform specific marketing coaching that will help you maximise your RoI from a marketing channel that you know can bring you Ideal Clients.

You may choose to invest in Facebook paid advertising coaching, Google ads coaching or LinkedIn advertising.

It’s only wise to invest in this kind of very specific coaching if you already have a product or service that sells and a clearly set out sales process that converts a high percentage of leads to clients.

If you have an established business and you want a marketing plan that can help you scale up, then it would be best to find a marketing coach who understands your particular industry.  There are coaches who specialise in helping photographers, therapists, recruitment consultancies and eCommerce stores for example who will understand your particular challenges in finding and converting prospects into clients.

When you are new to marketing or have only set up your business fairly recently and haven’t yet worked out important aspects such as your value proposition or who your Ideal Client is, or if you don’t know where to start marketing or how to do it well, then it’s best to work with a marketing coach who will help you create a strong marketing strategy.  They will teach you how to promote your company consistently so that you can start finding and converting valuable leads.

Our specialism is in helping professionals who want to set up or promote their own, independent B2B consultancy business.  We can help people like this because we have been running our own marketing consultancy in Walton-on-Thames Surrey for over 10 years, helping create and grow our consultancy clients’ businesses using a specific programme of marketing activities that particularly suit consultancy and coaching type business owners who want to win contracts from other businesses.

We have a clear, step-by-step framework called the START Marketing Strategy and Plan that has been devised through years of experience building large consultancy businesses and that can be applied to new and small consultancies.  It covers the activities that offer the best return on investment and which do not rely on spending money on advertising to generate quality leads.

When is the right time to invest in a marketing coach?

Marketing coaching is worthy of your investment because it is so easy to waste time and money on marketing that doesn’t work.  If you don’t have time to start from scratch and experiment until you find a formula that works it’s better to work with someone who can teach you how to get it right from day one.

If you are just starting out, or if your business is struggling to gain traction then it’s time to get some high-quality help so that you can start winning new contracts more frequently.

Different coaches specialise in helping people at various points in their business journey.  Some only work with high-performing entrepreneurs.  Others only provide group programmes that keeps the fee lower but doesn’t provide the personal support many people want.

We specialise in helping people who are either thinking about starting a consultancy business or who have set their consultancy up within the last 5 years and want to make sure they have a clear and well-thought out strategy and marketing plan that is affordable, effective and doable.  Most of our clients are ‘corporate escape artists’, people who have left a reasonably senior corporate role to set up their own B2B consultancy business.

So has the time come for you to invest in marketing coaching?

Let me ask you this – what’s going to happen if you don’t?

If you want to start or promote your consultancy or coaching business, we can create a tailored Marketing Action Plan for you for just £595 exc VAT.  Find out more here:  Marketing Action Plan