If you’d love to escape corporate life and start your own, independent consultancy business, this is the plan for you!


Your business idea might be a well-kept secret at the moment, but when you do start talking about it you might be hit with all sorts of hogwash!

Your friends, family and colleagues are all entitled to their opinion, but unless they have started their own consultancy business they need to be taken with a pinch of salt!

You need to have a brand NEW idea.

You NEED a website first.

You’ll KNOW when it’s the right time.

MYTH: You need a brand NEW idea.

You don’t need a completely ground-breaking idea before you can start your consultancy.  You need a tried and tested system that solves a big business problem and you need to deliver it exceptionally well.  You’re no doubt brilliant at fixing all sorts of problems. We’ll help you identify the most commercially viable problem to lead with that’s true to your ‘business genius zone’.

MYTH: You NEED a website first!

You can be forgiven for thinking that once you have a website you’ll be ready to start your business, but that’s a dangerous idea.  First, you need a strong strategy and plan.  Once you’ve nailed that, we can help make sure you get a lead-generating website that will help you reach your financial objectives.

MYTH: You’ll KNOW when it’s the right time to leave your job.

You may never feel completely ready – steady jobs have a way of keeping you trapped.  Plan ahead, let us help you get the wheels in motion and you’ll be amazed at how everything will start falling into place!

“Emma and Anneve were a fantastic support to me with setting up my marketing action plan for my new Consulting Business – Red Thread Strategies.

I’m another corporate escape artist who had lots of ideas and their thorough questioning and objective and
creative input really helped me to focus my plan and clarify my unique offering.

I’m now ready and excited to launch my business and would highly recommend The Marketing Matrix if you are considering setting up a consultancy business.”

Marie Gardner – Red Thread Strategies


Step 1.  Plan Your Escape.

Review:  We begin by asking lots of questions about you and your business idea in an online questionnaire.  The answers you provide will help us understand where you are and your ambitions for your business.

Research:  We’ll then conduct our research into your market, looking into your competitors and understanding what the people who buy your expertise are looking for.

We’ll use all this information to produce a tailored, doable, affordable and effective Corporate Escape Action Plan that will help you get your new business in front of ideal prospects and convert them into clients you love working with fast.

Recommend:  We’ll then get together for a 2-hour meeting at our Boathouse in Walton-on-Thames or via Zoom and go through our findings with you, presenting them in a report that includes 3 Quick Wins – actions you can take quickly and cost-effectively to immediately start getting your business out of your head and into the world.


  • A  SWOT analysis
  • Competitor landscape review
  • Creative ideas and suggestions.
  • 3 Quick Wins – actions you can take quickly and easily to get started.
  • A tailored, Corporate Escape Action Plan.

There is absolutely no obligation to work with us after you’ve had your Corporate Escape Action Plan, you will have everything you need to get started. But if you would like us to help make your business your reality then you will want to go to Step 2 – our action-orientated programme.

Corporate Escape Action Plan: £595* exc VAT

Time Investment: 1 hour answering our online questionnaire + 2 hour meeting.

*Fee applies to solo consultants.

Partnering with The Marketing Matrix is proving to be a terrific decision. 

Anneve and Emma have been invaluable partners to me in establishing my new business – from strategy, brand identity to web-design and build through to initial marketing plans their insights, expertise and enthusiasm have been first class.

Andrew Main – Founder, Sertech Exchange

“I found the Marketing Matrix via LinkedIn and as soon as I read about the Corporate Escape Action Plan I realised that it was exactly what I needed.

I gave Emma and Anneve a rather vague brief as I hadn’t settled on exactly what my business would be.

They took my initial ideas and, after doing considerable research, proposed several excellent business ideas which utilised my prior experience
and included the elements of my current role which I had said I enjoyed.

I would recommend the Corporate Escape Action Plan to anyone who wants to start their own business but isn’t sure what that business would be!”

Sarah Gardner – Star Incentives

Step 2.  Let’s Create & Grow your new consultancy
and build your lead-generating Marketing Ecosystem

The sad fact is, the consultancy graveyard is full of gifted professionals who had the skills and ability to help businesses and make a big difference in the world. But they never implemented the sales and marketing strategies and tactics necessary to get their message out there to the people who needed it most.

We don’t want you to be one of them.

Through regular 1:1 meetings and calls, our prescriptive printed manual and tailored masterclasses, we will help you get ready to launch and promote your new business without missing a beat.

We can also create the brand, website and essential marketing materials you need to launch and promote your new business quickly and confidently, in a high-value package that includes all the mentoring and support you need to escape corporate life and start generating the income you deserve.

But right now we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves….

Let’s hear all about your idea and give you the Action Steps that will make it happen!

Branding and Website Examples

Here is a small selection of brands and sites we have produced for ‘Corporate Escape Artists’.

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, so if these designs don’t match your personal aesthetic don’t worry!  We work with a range of designers and will make sure the brand and site we design for you don’t just work as lead-generators for your consultancy business, but also reflect your personal style and preferences. ‘Over the moon’ happy is how we expect you to feel if we create your ‘Marketing Ecosystem’!