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Before you commission us to work with you, here are the answers to some of the questions you may have:

Q.  Why do you charge for your marketing review and recommendations?

A.  Our Marketing Review and Reboot/Refresh products take on average 6-8 hours to complete.  Some companies offer reviews as thinly-veiled sales pitches with very little useful content, we don’t.  We offer a high-level review which is produced by experienced and senior level marketing consultants.

After our meeting you will be given a marketing strategy document which you will be able to use within your business, with absolutely no obligation to use us to carry out the prescribed marketing activities.

Q.  What is the process for the Marketing Review and Reboot/Refresh?

A.   Both the Marketing Review and Reboot and Review & Refresh include one briefing meeting at your premises in London or Surrey (2 hours), followed by a round table meeting where we will present to you our review findings and discuss your marketing strategy going forward (also 2 hours).  You can then either manage the recommended activities in-house, outsource them to other suppliers or ask us to implement them for you.  You are under no obligation to use The Marketing Matrix to carry out the plan.

Q.  How do we pay you for the Marketing Review and Reboot/Refresh?

A.  We require a purchase order on instruction and will invoice you for 50% of the fee which must be settled in advance of us starting work.  The final 50% will be invoiced on submission of our final report.

Q.  Do we have to have the review or can we just ask you to manage our marketing projects?

A.  We always start our client relationships with a Marketing Review and Reboot or a Marketing Review & Refresh.  It means we know exactly where you are, where you’ve been and where you want to be. The process helps us get to know you and your business in detail and means we can provide you with a fully integrated strategy and plan which is far more effective than taking an ad hoc or piecemeal approach.  It also means you can get to find out if you would like to work with us in a low-risk : big-gain kind of way.

Q.  Are you very expensive??

A.  Compared to employing a full-time, experienced and effective inhouse Marketing Manager or Director we are very cost-effective.  Our work is charged on a per project basis either in installments based on agreed milestones or spread over a few months.  We don’t believe in open-ended contracts, so you will always know what your budget is buying and what you expect from us.  Our work is labour-intensive, accountable and of the highest calibre.

We have broken the types of project we can help you with down into a menu of products.  Once we meet you and can assess what you need we will provide you with a tailored proposal and accurate costs.

Q. I don’t know whether we need a Marketing Review & Reboot or a Review of Refresh.  I don’t know if we want training or support or a combination of the two.

A.  Don’t worry at all, book in a Marketing Review & Reboot and we will give you a call to discuss which will best suit your needs.  Our recommendations are designed to suit your business to a ‘t’ so often include a combination of training and support.

Q.  What happens after I request a Reboot or Refresh?

We’ll book in a convenient time to give you a call and discuss your situation.  We’ll let you know honestly whether we think our services will suit you or not.  If we’re all happy to go ahead we’ll book you in for the first meeting.

You can find out which programme will suit you best here.