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Wondering how to grow your independent consultancy or professional services business?
We’ve got the MAP!


Everyone you talk to will have ideas about what you need to do to grow your business: a silver bullet, a magic recipe, some secret sauce.

The truth is, you simply need more enquiries from the right type of clients. Ones who understand why you’re different and what your business can do to solve their most pressing problems.

“I’m not sure where to start!”

“I don’t know how to promote my consultancy.”

“I haven’t got time for marketing!”

Not Sure Where to Start? We have a MAP!

Our Marketing Action Plan (MAP) is the first step to building a clear, integrated marketing strategy for growth where each element works together as a whole.

In the Dark About Marketing? We Make it Practical and Do-able

Even if you have experience of marketing, it’s not always easy to apply it to your own business. Our Marketing Action Plans are designed to provide you with steps you can take to get your business in front of your ideal prospects.

Short On Time? We Make Every Action Count

If you don’t have a targeted marketing plan you risk wasting time on ineffective cold sales and scattergun activities that don’t deliver quality clients that you love working with.

We make it easy to follow the recommendations in your Marketing Action Plan, whether you choose to deliver it yourself, or ask us to help develop your strategy and deliver the plan.

“We’ve worked with The Marketing Matrix for 8 years now
and they’ve always offered us a professional, clear service with plenty of advice and guidance across a range of areas
(SEO, Google Ads, Facebook, website build and design).
After so many years, they are ‘part of the family’ and have always made sure that we get value for money for our SME.
There are no ‘hidden extras’ and I feel confident that they will deliver – whether it’s day-to-day or bigger projects.
We recently did a website re-design and they walked us through step-by-step, and listened carefully to our needs.”

Brigitte Gallagher – HRI Herbal Medicine


the first step to growing your CONSULTANCY BUSINESS

We begin by asking lots of questions about your business and the clients you serve to make sure we understand where you are and your ambitions for your business.

We’ll then conduct research into your market, looking into your competitors and understanding what the people who buy your services and expertise are looking for.

We’ll use this information to produce a tailored, do-able, affordable and effective Marketing Action Plan that you can follow to start getting your business in front of your ideal prospects and converting them into retained clients you love working with.

We present our bespoke Marketing Action Plan recommendations in a face to face meeting at our office by the river in Walton-on-Thames or via Zoom.

Your MARKETING ACTION PLAN Report includes:

  • A  SWOT analysis
  • Competitor landscape review
  • Creative ideas and suggestions.
  • 3 Quick Wins – actions you can take quickly and easily to get started.
  • A tailored, Marketing Action Plan report.

Once you’ve got your MAP and you know where you’re going, you’ll have everything you need to get started and there is absolutely no obligation to continue working with us.

However, if you would like additional and ongoing support, we offer a choice of packages to help you kickstart your business growth in Step 2.

Marketing Action Plan: From £595* exc VAT

Time Investment: 1 hour answering our online questionnaire + 2 hour face to face or Zoom meeting.

*Fee applies for solo consultants.

Simon Bird of the Innovation & Creativity Lab talks about how the Marketing Action Plan and our Create & Grow Programme have helped him find his Business Genius Zone and redefine his consultancy business.

“I went through the MAP process with Anneve and Emma.
If you are uncertain how to turn your ambition, interests and skills into a focused and compelling consultancy business, this will do more than get you started.  Their thoroughness and expertise will highlight your options and build your confidence; whilst their empathetic and engaging approach will leave you inspired to get it done.”

“I definitely recommend the Marketing Matrix to anyone needing direction in marketing their business –
it doesn’t matter which way you want it to go or even if you don’t really know. Anneve and Emma know how to help.

They have been incredible in helping me with my marketing plan 1:1.
Before I met them, I had no idea on how to market my business or even where to start and in such a competitive world
you need to know how to reach your market and who they are and then some.
Both Anneve and Emma quashed all my fears by:

1: listening to my dreams, goals, aspirations,
2: They provided me with great ideas for possible directions for my business and provided me with a solid step-by-step plan to follow –
make no mistake it’s hard work but with them on your side it’s completely doable,

3: They have been there at every query, wobble and excitement. They are no-nonsense, empathetic, professional, adaptive, motivational and SMART!

Truly worth every penny in my opinion.”

Aline Nienaber – Hill & Sky

Step 2.  We can help you make it happen with our
Create & Grow Your Consultancy Programme.

If you would like us to help you make your business your reality then join our action-orientated Create & Grow Your Consultancy programme.

The sad fact is, the consultancy graveyard is full of gifted professionals who had the skills and ability to help businesses and make a big difference in the world, but they never implemented the sales and marketing strategies necessary to get their message out there to the people who needed it most.

We don’t want you to be one of them.

Through regular 1:1 meetings and calls, our prescriptive printed manual and tailored masterclasses we will help you win quality leads and retain profitable clients you love working with.

We can also create or refresh your brand, website and essential marketing materials if needed, so you can promote your business confidently, in a high-value package that includes all the mentoring and support you need to generate the sustainable income you deserve.

But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves.

For now, let’s hear all about your goals and create the Marketing Action Plan that will make them happen.

Branding and Website Examples

Here is a small selection of brands and sites we have produced for established businesses.

Beauty is of course in the eye of the beholder, so if these designs don’t match your personal aesthetic don’t worry!  We work with a range of designers and will make sure the brand and site we design for you don’t just work as lead-generators for your consultancy business, but also reflect your personal style and preferences. ‘Over the moon’ happy is how we expect you to feel if we create your ‘Marketing Ecosystem’!