ICElogofinalICE Integrated Control Environment is a web-based suite of software designed for large companies that need to assure and demonstrate best practice in financial and regulatory compliance.

During our Marketing Review & Reboot, we came to understand the complexity of this market and how difficult it is to convey how ICE could help solve the problem to the diverse range of decision-makers who are likely to be involved in making a purchasing decision for this type of system. Prospective customers were impressed by the service and capability of the software, but needed to see a clear route to implementation.

We began working with ICE to refine their messaging and clearly define their target audience sectors.  We launched a clean new brand and worked with the ICE management team to launch a new website specifically for the ICE product

We helped the ICE team to define their Roadmap to Control Excellence – an accessible service designed to help prospective clients understand more about the process involved in implementing a Governance, Risk and Compliance system. We have also recommended a clear process for following-up with a prospects in a non-salesy way.

Ross Baptie, ICE Design & Delivery Director, said,  “As a company made up entirely of developers, project managers and finance professionals we initially did all our marketing activities ourselves in our spare time.

“While we felt we had done a pretty good job for individuals with absolutely no marketing experience, over time it became apparent that we were not achieving our true potential and we started to lose confidence in both ourselves and our products and solutions. A large part of this was due to our somewhat cluttered and inconsistent projection of our messaging and presentation of our products to potential clients and also a sales approach that wasn’t aligned particularly well to the products and solutions we were trying to sell.

“The Marketing Matrix helped us considerably in taking a large step back and systematically re-evaluating what it was we were trying to sell and the manner in which we did it.

“The end result of this was much clearer, more consistent and tighter messaging about our solutions and their benefits – along with a consistent and professionally designed set of marketing collateral. We have also developed a number of complementary sales approaches that can be used in different situations, as opposed to our previous ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“Overall this has given us a much needed boost in confidence in our business and we this time we didn’t feel out of place when we exhibited recently at a conference alongside our far bigger and deeper-pocketed competitors.

“The Marketing Matrix adopted just the right balance of ‘intrusiveness’ when facilitating this whole process so we felt fully supported throughout the whole journey without being unnecessarily over-burdened. We look forward to continuing our relationship with the Marketing Matrix in the future”.

You can see the ICE: Integrated Control Environment Website here.