SerTech Exchange: Creating a Platform for Investment and Growth


When Andrew Main left his role as CEO of a global food and hospitality company in 2017, he already had an idea of what he would do next.


Having spent over 35 year in the sector, Andrew was clear that he wanted to use his knowledge and extensive connections with C-suite decision-makers to change the way the hospitality industry discovers and deploys digital technology.


THE CHALLENGE: Defining the Offer

Andrew identified a gap in the market for a company that could broker introductions between large corporates in the services sector, innovative tech startups and investors to mutual benefit. He realised that this model was already well established in areas including financial services and agriculture, but that there were no credible providers specialising in hospitality.


From his research, he realised that many startups and smaller tech companies are developing solutions that could suit the hospitality sector. However, the majority of them were not packaging and presenting their offer in a way that offered solutions in a compelling way for the directors of larger corporates and investors.


Andrew used his analytical skills to scope the potential size of the market and to develop a model for brokering connections, but needed additional marketing input to package and present the proposition into a form that could be easily understood and taken to market.


THE SOLUTION: A Clear Proposition

He engaged The Marketing Matrix to help develop the new company brand, clarify its messaging, define its values and scope its products and services, and then to design and build a new website.


We began by using our proven 12-step START Marketing Strategy to clarify the proposition and map the target market. We used this information to recommended three actions to help position the company with both startups and CEOs:


  • Creating a new, descriptive name for the company that would help to communicate what it does. The end result was ‘SerTech Exchange’ which places the company firmly in the Services Technology sector
  • Developing a new brand to give it the weight it needed to be taken seriously by CEOs, but with a fresh look and feel that would appeal to startups
  • Defining the core proposition clearly so that it could easily be communicated and promoted.


We then worked with Andrew to create a proposition for a specific service to help startups get ‘pitch ready’ for that first all-important meeting with prospective corporate buyers. Called ‘SerTech Lab’, it describes a series of proven, proprietary processes designed to mitigate the risk of new-tech investment for companies and investors, and to open up new market and research opportunities for tech-enabled startups and universities.


Once the strategy work was complete, we designed and built a new fully-optimised website which clearly explains the benefits that SerTech Exchange and SerTech Lab offer both startups and senior decision-makers in corporates.


THE RESULT: A Strong Platform Ready for Growth

Still in its first year of trading, SerTech Exchange is poised for growth with retained business from both corporates and startups which are benefitting from Andrew’s expertise and knowledge.


Commenting on the relationship, Andrew said, “Partnering with The Marketing Matrix is proving to be a terrific decision. Anneve and Emma have been invaluable partners to me in establishing my new business – from strategy, brand identity to web-design and build through to initial marketing plans their insights, expertise and enthusiasm have been first class.


“I am looking forward to working with them into the future…”