Are You Ready to STEP UP and START Marketing?

Build Your Business and Attract More Customers with our ‘Done With You’ Marketing Mentoring Programme

  Have you been running your own business for a while but still feel like a well-kept secret?

  Are you struggling to attract a regular stream of your ideal clients?

  Do you find marketing yourself and your business difficult and uncomfortable?

  Are you secretly wondering about going back to work – even though that makes your heart sink ?

  Are you trying to run your business around your family commitments, health or lifestyle ?

  Do you have big ambitions but need help getting the momentum you need to grow?

  Are you ready to step up to the next level and build a profitable business you love?

Is your business a well-kept secret?

The START Marketing Mentoring Programme will give you an Action Plan to start winning profitable contracts.

We work with business owners like you to help them grow with 1:1 expert marketing support and guidance.

We will help you:

  Create a powerful START Marketing Action Plan to take your business to the next level

  Generate profitable enquiries and leads from clients you love working with

  Bring your business out of the shadows and stop it from being a well-kept secret

  Feel like your hard work is paying off so you can generate a healthy and sustainable income

  Create a business that works with and supports your lifestyle and family commitments

  Grow your business with 1:1 expert guidance and support from senior marketing professionals.


We begin with a Review of where you are with your business and where you want to take it.

We’ll identify areas that are working well and those that require attention.
You’ll get expert advice on how to Reboot your business profile and create a clear Marketing Action Plan for growth.

The Review & Reboot includes:

  • A targeted, top-line Marketing Strategy and Action Plan for growth
  • A SWOT analysis of what’s currently working and what you can improve quickly and affordably
  • A review of your competitors’ online presence
  • Recommendations to boost your brand and online presence
  • 3 Quick Wins that you can implement straight away to enhance your profile.

The Marketing Review & Reboot takes place across two x 2-hour meetings at Rosewells Boathouse in Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK and comes with no obligation to continue working with us. You can choose to either implement the recommendations yourself or join our 6 month START MARKETING Action Programme.


Our 6-month support programme will get you in front of your ideal clients and help you win new business contracts with:

  • A Marketing Action Plan designed to help you reach your business objectives
  • ‘Done With You’ support for marketing activities that offer the best return on investment
  • Monthly 1:1 Action Plan meetings at our Boathouse to keep you focused
  • Structured resources to help you develop your Marketing Strategy
  • Tailored advice on using our easy-to-follow START Marketing framework
  • Templates to help you create your content, collateral and messaging
  • Bookable weekly 30-minute advice calls
  • Feedback and suggestions every step of the way
  • Time to work on your marketing at our Boathouse (terms apply)
  • Three in-depth, small-group Masterclasses covering topics such as:

✅ Creating Your Vivid Business Vision

✅ Presenting & Promoting for Profit

✅ Website Workout

✅ Clever Content

✅ Getting Social Media Savvy

✅ Gateway to Google

Want to find out more? Book a Discovery Call to ask any questions you might have using the button below and get ready to STEP UP!


Anneve Hutchinson – M IDM

Marketing Strategist & Mentor

Anneve has been creating and promoting businesses since 2006.  An expert in web design and digital marketing, she will design an easy-to-manage and affordable marketing action plan that will suit your personality and budget.

“I’ve been running my own business since I had my second child, and my mother ran her own business when we were young too, so I want to help you create and promote a business that supports your lifestyle and has your dna at it’s very core.  It’s your experience, knowledge and personality that will make your business a success so let’s tell everyone who needs your help why you’re the best person to provide the results they need and generate a sustainable income for you and your family.”

Emma Tarring – M CIPR

Communications Strategist & Mentor

Emma has been been in communications for over thirty years as a journalist, PR and marketing consultant. Today, she helps small business owners create and tell a compelling story so their prospective clients can get to know, like and trust them – to the point where buying their services becomes almost a done deal.

“I love the power of words, always have. Writing has formed the core of everything I’ve done in my career, from working for womens’ magazines in my twenties to writing Directors’ speeches and running the press office for a large company. Working as a communications consultant, I’ve written pretty much everything from brand values and straplines to case studies and web content. I want to help get the ideas in your head out into the world through clear messaging, a structured content strategy and some focused, consistent action.”

Johanna Lambert – M IDM

Social Media Strategist & Mentor

Johanna uses her training and experience running social media and content marketing campaigns to help business owners build strategic programmes that generate leads and enquiries.  Her creative flair and way with words bring social media accounts to life helping you connect with ideal clients and prospects.


If you’d like to grab this chance to start actively scaling and promoting your business please make sure that:

1. You have a clear business proposition / service or product to offer.

You don’t need to have sorted out your website, brand or strategy yet but if you’re not sure what you’re going to sell then please ask us about our Corporate Escape Plan programme.

2.  You can give the programme your full focus.

The success of your business depends entirely on the time you spend building the strategy and taking action. If you are not quite ready to go for this and build your business then it’s best to wait until you are.

4. You have read the Payment Terms below.

Book in your Action Call to ask any questions you might have and get ready to STEP UP!



Marketing Review & Reboot £997 £595 + VAT (Offer Ends 30th September 2019)

6 Month START Marketing Action Plan – £2,475 + VAT paid in full


6 x Monthly Installments of £495 + VAT (£2,970 + VAT)
Includes 3 x small group Masterclasses.


All fees exclude VAT
Review & Reboot terms:  50% in advance, 50% on supply of your Review & Reboot report
Ongoing Support & Expert Guidance:  Paid monthly by standing order
Fees exclude any advertising budgets and subscriptions which are paid directly to the provider
Fees do not cover ‘done for you’ activities e.g. Facebook or Google Ad management
All meetings take place at Rosewells Boathouse in Walton on Thames
Workspace available at Rosewells Boathouse, 10am – 5pm on the day of your monthly Action Plan meeting.

Get all the support you need to make your business a success.

We look forward to helping you generate the income you need to have a life you love!

Call us to ask any questions you might have and get ready to