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It can be tough to get to the point where you’re ready to launch your new business or product.

So many ideas swirl around your head that it’s difficult to pin them down into a cohesive plan.  You’ve probably got multiple other things going on too which means the launch date keeps being delayed and the big vision takes far longer to realise than it should.

The consequences of not having a clear launch plan for your business can be serious and frustrating:

  • A delayed launch – your idea remains a pipe-dream for too long.
  • Wasted time and money – it will cost far more in terms of your time, money and credibility when you have to do it all again later.
  • Reduced confidence – having true belief in your new product or business is one of the keys to success, lack of clarity can impact your confidence.
MD Andrew Main talks about how we helped him launch his new business.

This is where we can help.  Our STARTUP Fast Launchpad process follows a structured plan and by the end of your time with us you’ll know exactly what you need to make an impact in your market when you launch.  We’ll work through the first foundational steps of our START Marketing Strategy and Plan with you:

  1. PLAN – What are your goals and objectives?  We’ll define your vision for the business and plan the steps to success.
  2. PROPOSITION – What is your value proposition?  We’ll clarify your messaging so that it cuts through the competition.
  3. PEOPLE – Who’s your target market?  We’ll help you define your Ideal Client and make sure your marketing plan can reach them.
  4. POSITIONING – What does your brand stand for?  We’ll create the foundation for developing a brand story and identity that resonates.
  5. PRODUCTS – What services are you going to offer prospects?  We’ll help you create products and packages that are easy to buy.

“Partnering with The Marketing Matrix is proving to be a terrific decision. Anneve and Emma have been invaluable partners to me in establishing my new business – from strategy, brand identity to web-design and build through to initial marketing plans their insights, expertise and enthusiasm have been first class.
Looking forward to working with them into the future…”

Andrew Main, MD – SerTech Exchange


Time Investment:

A 3-hour meeting at The Boathouse, Walton Marina, Walton-on-Thames


A topline marketing strategy and plan, clearly defined key messages, target audience, competitor landscape, brand strategy and product or service descriptions.


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 STARTUP Fast Brand and Website Package

Once you have completed the Launchpad process you’ll be ready to launch your business into the marketplace with a standout brand and effective website.  These two important elements of your business are intrinsically linked and crucial to your success.

We build brands and websites with marketing and business growth in mind.

Many graphic design and creative agencies can help you build a beautiful home for your business.  But then they say the fatal words “Send us your content when you’re ready…”

Yikes!  That’s the hardest part!

At The Marketing Matrix, we look after everything for you.  Using as little of your time as possible, we’ll take care of the design, development, content, images and strategy that will set you up for success, leaving you to concentrate on your business.

A business that’s going to grow and succeed needs a vibrant brand and effective website that can attract prospects and turn browsers into buyers.  Brands can no longer afford to be seen as boring or corporate.  Websites need to engage visitors and provide a way to turn every prospect into a potential customer.  Our brands and websites are built with growth through consistent marketing in mind.


We’ll develop a launch plan, brand and website that will set you apart from the competition and confidently launch you into the market.

Time Investment:

Minimal.  since we have worked through the STARTUP Fast Launchpad process with you, we’ll be able to create the brief and get on with building a powerful brand and website using as little of your time as possible.


A brand and website you’ll be proud of and that will help you ‘punch above your weight’ as a new entrant into the market.


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